The pandemic threatens vulnerable families.

Terre des hommes (uk)


Palestinians live in very precarious conditions as a result of recurring conflict, the fragmentation of the West Bank and the blockade of the Gaza strip. Military operations destroy or damage homes and public infrastructures including schools. This situation forces many children to work to support their family. We protect children from exploitation and help them attend school or receive training. Our local team works to ensure that the justice system takes into account children's rights.

What we do

Child protection

In the specific context of the Gaza strip, Tdh provides humanitarian assistance to children and youth who have been injured during the demonstrations. In our protection centre in northern Gaza, we support children and youth exposed to or at risk of child labour through vocational training. We also work with children and youth exposed to violence, with a specific focus on sexual gender-based violence.

Access to Justice

Tdh works to strengthen the justice system in Palestine through child-friendly policies, capacity building, evidence-based advocacy and tailored awareness-raising interventions. We try to enhance the access to effective non-custodial measures for the rehabilitation of children in conflict and in contact with the law. Our approach targets children and youth as well as caregivers, communities, formal and informal justice actors.

Standing alongside the children victims of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict for nearly half a century

At only 13 years of age, Mahmoud worked before and after school to help his brothers and sisters. He had no time to study or play with friends. Tdh's Future Hope Centre is now giving him the support he needs to succeed at school.

Mahmoud, a Tdh beneficiary in the Gaza Strip


Terre des hommes in Palestine

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