The pandemic threatens vulnerable families.

Terre des hommes (uk)


Despite the peace agreement between the Colombian government and the FARC signed in 2016, illegal armed groups are still a reality. Children are vulnerable to recruitment and sexual exploitation. Access to healthcare in communities is limited and the presence of state institutions is very weak in the regions that are controlled by armed groups. Our goal is to train communities in health and child protection. We help young people in conflict with the law find alternatives to prison for a better reintegration into society. Additionally, the political crisis in Venezuela having caused nearly 3 million people to flee the country destabilises the region. We have set up an emergency intervention at the border with Venezuela to meet the urgent needs of migrant families.

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«We had to go to the toilet in plastic bags and bury the bags in the garden. It's much better now that we have toilets. We also have showers where we feel safe.»

Luisa, an internally displaced person in the Córdoba region


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