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05.09.2018 - News

What if vulnerable children were to become your heirs?

Six out of ten people in Switzerland pass away without a will. In the absence of an official document and without any close relatives, your property and assets will be shared among distant relatives or the state. So why not consider an alternative such as a will in favour of vulnerable children? This is precisely what Thomas*, an entrepreneur from Zurich, decided to do by leaving his fortune to Terre des hommes for the benefit of children in need.

Thomas dedicated much of his life to his work. An accomplished business man he was in charge of a large Swiss multinational. Whilst still alive he rarely made donations to charitable organisations as he did not feel particularly concerned.

Unlike his very successful professional career, his private life was marred with several setbacks. He was unable to have children with his wife who suffered a serious illness and died very young leaving him a widower. These events strengthened Thomas’s desire to do something worthwhile and he decided to help children.

He was impressed with the professionalism and effectiveness of Terre des hommes projects. “Of all of the NGOs I met with, Terre des hommes gave me the best impression. They offered me an excellent service with tailored support and guaranteed confidentiality,” he told us. He therefore decided to make Terre des hommes one of his beneficiaries.

The money received after his passing enabled us to finance our activities for children in Palestine for four years. “We were able to make it possible for more than 3000 children living on the street or being exploited to go back to school. By taking part in an apprenticeship scheme they are able to give back to society the support that they themselves have received,” mentions Joseph Aguettant, former Head of the Jerusalem Delegation Terre des hommes.

* not his real name

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